Of Light & Shadow (2012)

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Of Light & Shadow is my final project at the Salzburg University Of Applied Sciences. is a puzzle-platformer a twist, combining 2 areas in each level – light and shadow, as well as 2 protagonists in one playable character, Dr. Shadow and Mr. Light. While either of them can only survive in either light or shadow areas, the player must constantly switch between them and make the right decision about whose abilities to utilise.

Tasks: Character Art, Environment Art, Texturing, Game Design

I was mainly responsible for most of the 3D art, as well asĀ  the game’s original concept (together with Game Director Florian Jindra) and consequently, key game design choices as well.

Won Content Award 2012 (category: games production)

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The spiders’ webs in the game were done using John Martini‘s brilliant ‘cobwebs’ script.